Class Notes




  1. Python 3.4.3 and Pyscripter
  2. Pyscripter 32bit
    Pyscripter 64bit:
  3. Make Windows show extensions so you can see that the file is a .py extension
  4. In the Editor write a program that:
    a. prints your full name and your birthday as separate strings. Save it as

GIRLS:  Class 6 Jan

GIRLS: Class 13 Jan

Enter this code into your Python Editor  and name it
We will dissect each line to see what is happening.

# This is my first program in Python
# It says Hello and asks for your name
print(“This is my first program in Python.”)
print(“It says Hello and asks for your name”)
print(“and tells me how many letters are in the name.”)

print(“Hello Everyone”)
my_name = input(“What is your name?:”)           # ask for their name
print(“It is good to meet you” + my_name + “.” )

length = len(my_name)                                   # tells how many letters in name
print(“The length of my name has” + str(length) + “letters.”)

my_age = input(“What is your age?:”)                    # ask for their age
print(“I am” + my_age + “years old.”)
new_age = int(my_age) + 1
print(“Next year I will be” + str(new_age) + “years old.” )